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Creative Ways of thinking through Data

Architecture boasts of being the mother of all arts! Can it be made any less complex then? Perhaps not. There are methods however, to help a designer think through the complex layers of the built. Sketching, Drawings, modelling, and visualisation techniques have been the predominant means thus far.


Diagrams are tools that can help one express an idea, without pressing on the necessity to depict the real. Often seen as a “problem solving” technique across sciences, diagram takes an inevitable place in architectural design process, due to its spatial semblance and ability to consolidate scientific information into astute solutions. Diagramming emerged as an effective design tool in architecture, around the millennium, given that we started building more complex structures, faster than any other era in human history. 


The workshop introduces one to objective thinking, which is the basis of diagramming exercise. An array of examples from urban to product scale, both from the associated practice and out side, shall be discussed in depth. The workshop then, shall explore the possibility of arriving at a design expression, generated purely by diagram ideas, opening up a new path of design exploration.

Program Curators : Deepa Suriyaprakash & Guru Prasanna.C

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