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Explorations in Typography & Architecture

Words celebrate the essence while the font adds character! The fineness and sensitivity with which font is expressed has been a reflection of the societal preferences, material culture of the region and the technological advancement witnessed in the time period.


Architecture has been experimenting, exploring and crafting fonts. Certain fonts are even based or influenced from architectural styles and movements. Fonts have been integrated to the built form, two and three dimensionally catering to varied functions. The word gets built in architecture quite literally! On the other hand, fonts can also be investigated and distilled to derive ideas for forms in architecture leading to Form in Font.


The workshop aims to understand the relationship of fonts with the built. The sessions and activities of the workshop shall explore possible form generation ideas for the built from fonts in invigorating ways leading to architectural tectonic form investigations in typography.

Program Curator : Nandita

Nandita has engaged herself in industry relevant research and design consultancy in Architecture and Interior Design as an Architect, Academician and Architectural Journalist for close to two decades. After garnering her Masters Degree in Interior Architecture and valuable teaching & work experience in USA, she returned to India in 2004 and set up her own practice while renewing her teaching assignments in India. She has contributed many articles for magazines, design journals & national newspapers in India on architecture and interior design and has authored two books on architecture. Nandita has been awarded the A3 Foundation Architectural Journalism Award 2013 – 14, a national level award for achievement and contribution to the field of Architectural Journalism in the Professional Category. She has carved a special place for herself as an exceptional faculty owing to her dedication and teaching approach. Nandita has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. Being a meticulous organizer and optimistic enthusiast, she extends her creative practice to varied mediums like typography, design thinking and graphic design as well. Being the founding director of WEVID, Nandita oversees the content curation, development & deliverance of WEVID Programs.

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