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Orientation for Thesis in Architecture


Architectural Thesis Project forms the pinnacle highlight of the Bachelor of Architecture course. Strategically positioned at the culmination stage of the professional course, the thesis project becomes a platform to demonstrate all the learning and skills acquired during the course and build a case of worthiness to be awarded the professional degree for further practice as an Architect.

It is also an important opportunity to pursue design directions in areas of one’s interest and raise responsible and relevant points through the course of one’s thesis. This would then evolve a thesis to be a document of value than just a mere requirement for the course completion. The importance associated with thesis makes the choice of topic and its roadmap to completion critical. It could weigh down on students leaving them confused and at times clueless too.

Decode Thesis workshop offers to bring in clarity about thesis at an overall level. The workshop breaks down the components of what makes up a thesis and how to do it well ! It explains how to choose and do a thesis project by giving insights into potential areas and methods for thesis, mapping self-assessment to probable topics, evaluation and finally identifying the thesis topic.

Program Curator : Nandita

Nandita has engaged herself in industry relevant research and design consultancy in Architecture and Interior Design as an Architect, Academician and Architectural Journalist for close to two decades. After garnering her Masters Degree in Interior Architecture and valuable teaching & work experience in USA, she returned to India in 2004 and set up her own practice while renewing her teaching assignments in India. She has contributed many articles for magazines, design journals & national newspapers in India on architecture and interior design and has authored two books on architecture. Nandita has been awarded the A3 Foundation Architectural Journalism Award 2013 – 14, a national level award for achievement and contribution to the field of Architectural Journalism in the Professional Category. She has carved a special place for herself as an exceptional faculty owing to her dedication and teaching approach. Nandita has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. Being a meticulous organizer and optimistic enthusiast, she extends her creative practice to varied mediums like typography, design thinking and graphic design as well. Being the founding director of WEVID, Nandita oversees the content curation, development & deliverance of WEVID Programs.

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