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Building Portfolios for Internship

Graphics of Communication workshops are geared for equipping an architect or an architectural student  to present their work effectively and professionally to a prospective workplace / client / competition / studio jury / publication. This particular workshop focuses on building portfolios for internship. The pivotal selection criteria for an architecture internship is the graphic appeal and content of the student's portfolio. At times, the initial screenings of the applications is just through a quick visual assessment of the portfolio. A well done portfolio that comprehensively represents the student's skill and outlook in architecture is critical and vital for every internship.

Program Deliverables

•    Working with Adobe InDesign
•    Tips for effective use of Adobe InDesign Tools
•    Methods to select and organize contents for the portfolio
•    Exclusive Photoshop & Illustrator shortcuts to clean up and prepare base material

•    Crafting portfolios based on the audience / purpose
•    Structuring and designing the portfolio layout and visual content
•    Putting together the overall narrative of the portfolio along with Cover Page, Visual CV,
        Table of Contents
•    Layout of one important section inline with the overall portfolio design

Program Prerequisites

•    Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (CC/CS6).

      Preferable to know basics of Adobe InDesign (CC/CS6) as well.
•    Complete information about one important project intended to be included in the portfolio in

      the form of cleaned up drawings, scans,diagrams, images, model photos, text and all other

      relevant information.
•    Laptop with software Adobe Photoshop (CC/CS6) and Adobe In-Design (CC/CS6)

Program Curator & Facilitator : Venkatesh Bilvam & Nandita

About Venkatesh Bilvam

Venkatesh Bilvam, an architect from R.V College of Architecture,Bengaluru, heads a design consultancy in the area of information design. He helps brands make their content clear, compelling and engaging. His range of expertise includes visual communication, typography, user experience design and data visualization. With over 8 years of experience in the industry, he has helped several leading brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Godrej Properties, American Cancer Society and World Health Organization deliver their information in an efficient manner.

About Nandita

Nandita has engaged herself in industry relevant research and design consultancy in Architecture and Interior Design as an Architect, Academician and Architectural Journalist for close to two decades. After garnering her Masters Degree in Interior Architecture and valuable teaching & work experience in USA, she returned to India in 2004 and set up her own practice while renewing her teaching assignments in India. She has contributed many articles for magazines, design journals & national newspapers in India on architecture and interior design and has authored two books on architecture. Nandita has been awarded the A3 Foundation Architectural Journalism Award 2013 – 14, a national level award for achievement and contribution to the field of Architectural Journalism in the Professional Category. She has carved a special place for herself as an exceptional faculty owing to her dedication and teaching approach. Nandita has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. Being a meticulous organizer and optimistic enthusiast, she extends her creative practice to varied mediums like typography, design thinking and graphic design as well. Being the founding director of WEVID, Nandita oversees the content curation, development & deliverance of WEVID Programs.

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