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An Introduction to Travel Writing

The widespread popularity of travel has created an enormous platform for swapping stories. Images and words are powerful tools to share your travel experiences with family and friends. The sheer number of travel blogs has also meant that stories get easily lost in the crowd. This workshop offers an introduction to travel writing to those who want their storytelling to stand out and will help participants write well-crafted and engaging stories that go beyond being just another trip report or blog post. In the age of Instagram and hashtags, long-form writing that sustains interest is challenging. This program aims to fill that gap.

Our program curator will extend her knowledge and expertise in an immersive narrative style of travel writing that has been appreciated by her editors and readers as well. She further brings an editor’s perspective to the program, providing a well-rounded approach to the art of writing. The workshop is aimed at beginners without professional travel writing experience. Participants will also receive constructive feedback on their writing.

Program Deliverables

•    The art and science of travel writing
•    Importance of structure, outline, and story angle
•    How to kindle interest and sustain it in a travel story
•    How to research, take notes and plan for photographs for your story
•    An editor’s perspective to storytelling

Program Curator & Facilitator : Raji Sunderkrishnan

About Raji Sunderkrishnan

Raji is an architect who ironically dreams about moving out of the concrete jungle someday. She spent her desk-bound years day-dreaming and plotting her trips and once even quit her job to travel without the constraints of time for over a year. A slow-travel proponent, eternally optimistic about the world and its people, she considers travel her true teacher.  She is excited by off-season travel. A wildlife lover, she has spent considerable time learning about wildlife and natural history. Her areas of interest include nature, culture, architecture, and food.

Raji’s travel and architectural writings have been published in Outlook traveller, JetWings, Discover India, AsiaSpa, Deccan Herald, and JLR Explore. She is an editor of the online nature and wildlife portal, JLR Explore. She is also a published travel photographer. 

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